Monday, October 15, 2018

Fun diving to check after typhoon in Seawall No2

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Date : 2018 / Oct / 15
Weather :    Cloudy and Rain
Wind :   North West
Air temp 26.0 ℃      Water temp 25.2 ℃

Dive site #1 Sunabe sea wall No2 Entry 10:21 Exit 11:22 Dive time 61min
MaxDepth 19.0m AveDepth 9.6m

Dive site #2 Sunabe sea wall No2 Entry 12:34 Exit 13:40 Dive time 66min
MaxDepth 20.0m AveDepth 12.2m


Today we went to check diving at Sunabe sea wall No2

After typhoon , the view of the under water is changed very much and the corals got damege.

However still most of corals are good and healthy .
Also some macro stuff is getting back here .

He is back his house .

Still look for new houes .

Happy to see you .

Not big size but i saw 3 of them .

Good visibility , easy to find them .

And new house here .

Pigmy sea dragon .

I expect all of them gone some where .

Nice diving today , yay !

We will show you colorful species of marine fish .

Please join us to enjoy Okinawan diving !!

Thank you for reading , See you next time !


今日は 台風後の 砂辺調査行ってきました

ダメージはあったけども サンゴもかなり元気だし いろんな生物が帰ってきました

この調子で どんどんかえって来てくれることを祈りましょう

日々精進 和顔愛語明日は どこへ 潜ろうか。。。


与那国 ハンマーヘッドシャーク
ダイビングツアー 2018!!

We make a Yonaguni Tour in Febrary 2017 !!
You can see a school of hammer head sharks !!!

ALL Photo & Movie by JAH DIVING CLUB

興味があれば 御連絡ください

If you are interested in Yonaguni Island tour , Please send us message !!
Feel free to ask anything !!
We will tell you detail about tour !!

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English site ⇒
English site ⇒

ダイビング ライセンス 沖縄だから 年中受付中!
外国人も 英語で 講習やファンダイビング 受けれます!
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We have an under water tour for English speakers.
You can go Fun diving and Intro diving in Okinawa.
We have many dive sites in Okinawa.
Also we have a certification courses in English.

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Fun diving at Sunabe Sea wall No.2

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