Saturday, September 30, 2017

Fun diving at Kerama Islands .

Dive site #1 KAMIYAMA labyrinth @Kamiyama Island Entry 9:41 Exit 10:33 Dive time 52min
Water temp 28.6℃ MaxDepth 16.4m AveDepth 11.0m
Dive site #2 NOZAKI @Tokasiki Island Entry 11:40 Exit 12:23 Dive time 43min
Water temp 28.8℃ MaxDepth 19.0m AveDepth 11.6m
Dive site #3 Purple pradise @Zamami Island Entry 14:00 Exit 14:48 Dive time 48min
Water temp 28.8℃ MaxDepth 17.2m AveDepth 12.4m


Today we went to Kerama Isalnds with Hiromi , Yoko and Donna .

It's last day of Advanced certificate training in 3 days for Hiromi and Yoko .
And Donna came here in holiday while business trip from Hawaii .

through the beautiful cave .

School of fish , Bananafish .

Only head of snake

Blackbelted cardinalfish hide in coral .

Cleaner shrimp on the big eel

Congratulations for Hiromi and Yoko , you are completed all training of Advanced course .
Now you are Advanced divers , safety and enjoy diving all over the world .

Thank you to go diving with us for Donna . Did you enjoy the Kerama Islands ?
I want to show you more excite dive site in Okinawa
and take you more long long time diving .
Let me know if you got next holiday !!
See you soon !!


日々精進 和顔愛語
明日は どこへ 潜ろうか。。。


石垣島で マンターー!!

9月か 10月に

もしかしたら 貸し切りボートで??

まったり少人数で マンタ見たい人 集まれ!!

石垣島集合 2泊3日ダイビング5本 もしくは3泊4日ダイビング8本
マンタと 石垣を満喫するツアー

気になる人は ぜひお問い合わせください



ダイビング ライセンス 沖縄だから 年中受付中!
外国人も 英語で 講習やファンダイビング 受けれます!

We have an under water tour for English speakers.
You can go Fun diving and Intro diving in Okinawa.
We have many dive sites in Okinawa.
Also we have a certification courses in English.

Okinawa Japan Kerama Islands Tonaki Aguni Yonaguni Manza Onna Dream Hole
Hedo USS EMMONS Ginowan Hammer head sharks

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ダイビング メニュー

慶良間諸島 / 真栄田岬 青の洞窟 / 砂辺No1
残波岬 / 恩納村ホーシュー / ドリームホール
沈船 エモンズ / 辺戸岬 エアドーム
ハンマーヘッドシャーク / 与那国海底遺跡

Fun diving at Sunabe Sea wall No.2

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